Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo

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  • Brand: MAMAEARTH
  • Analyzed: 1705 reviews. Ranks in top-5% by number of reviews
  • Mentions: 50 positive. Ranks in top-100% by share of positive mentions
  • Amazon rating: 4. Ranks in top-100% by Amazon ratings
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Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo

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Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo is a popular shampoo on Amazon, with a price of $17.0.

  • It has received 1705 reviews, with an overall rating of 4.2.


  • Effective in making hair shiny (66 mentions, 91% positive)
  • Provides moisturizing effect (11 mentions, 91% positive)
  • Helps reduce hair loss (306 mentions, 61% positive)
  • Improves hair softness and silkiness (128 mentions, 85% positive)


  • Mixed reviews on shampoo chemical content (72 mentions, 70% positive)
  • Some users appreciate that it is sulfate-free (8 mentions, 75% positive)
  • Mixed results in reducing hair dryness (209 mentions, 26% positive)
  • Positive experiences for curly or wavy hair users (15 mentions, 80% positive)
  • Average reviews on natural ingredients (65 mentions, 67% positive)
  • Mixed results in repairing damaged hair (44 mentions, 36% positive)
  • Mixed results in controlling frizz (98 mentions, 35% positive)
  • Average reviews on scent (127 mentions, 71% positive)


  • Does not improve hair manageability (7 mentions, 29% positive)
  • Poor in removing residue or buildup (18 mentions, 0% positive)
  • Ineffective in cleaning hair (66 mentions, 19% positive)
  • Mixed results on oily hair (42 mentions, 26% positive)
  • Mixed results in improving hair health (108 mentions, 54% positive)
  • Negative impact on scalp health (67 mentions, 38% positive)
  • Mixed results in preventing hair tangling (15 mentions, 43% positive)
  • Mixed results in reducing dandruff (50 mentions, 24% positive)
Shampoo AttributeBG RatingNumber of MentionsPositive Review PercentageAttribute Ranking
Effect on shiny hair4.66691%top-20%
Moisturizing effect4.11191%top-30%
Effectiveness on hair loss4.030661%top-10%
Effect on hair softness or silkiness4.012885%top-30%
Average performance
Shampoo chemical content3.77270%top-40%
Sulfate-free shampoo3.6875%top-40%
Hair dryness reduction after shampooing3.620926%bottom-40%
Curly or Wavy hair users shampoo experiences3.51580%top-40%
Natural Ingredients3.46567%top-60%
Effectiveness on Damaged hair3.14436%bottom-40%
Effectiveness on Frizz Control3.19835%bottom-40%
Effect on hair manageability2.9729%bottom-20%
Effectiveness in residue or buildup removal2.9180%bottom-20%
Effectiveness in cleaning hair2.96619%bottom-10%
Effectiveness on oily hair2.84226%top-60%
Improvement of hair health2.710854%bottom-10%
Impact on scalp health2.76738%bottom-40%
Effect on hair tangling2.71543%bottom-40%
Effectiveness in hair color preservation2.6367%bottom-20%
Effectiveness in hair strengthening2.6250%bottom-10%
Effectiveness on dandruff2.55024%top-30%
Degreasing properties2.520%bottom-10%
Effectiveness on thinning hair2.54459%top-40%
Squeaky clean hair feeling after shampoo use2.520%bottom-10%
Effectiveness on Hair Growth2.52584%top-40%
Too few reviews:
Effectiveness on flaky scalpfrew reviews
Effect on blonde hair shadesfrew reviews
Purple Shampoo propertiesfrew reviews
Ash color maintenancefrew reviews
Effect on highlightsfrew reviews
Bleached hair maintenancefrew reviews
Effectiveness in providing toning benefitsfrew reviews
Ability to neutralize brassy tonesfrew reviews
Biotin in shampoofrew reviews
Provision of fuller and voluminous hairfrew reviews
Tinting effect on hair shadesfrew reviews
Effectiveness on fungal infectionsfrew reviews
Effectiveness on psoriasisfrew reviews
Effectiveness on seborrheic dermatitisfrew reviews

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